WebdeXpress Live


Convert a pre-existing content management system into a live editor CMS, while retaining all existing functionality of the current version.


With hundreds of clients already using the current version, I was asked to look into what it would take to convert WebdeXpress into a live-editor format. This was a highly involved process which included wireframes/preliminary design, prototyping, usability studies, and eventually test reports.


Preliminary Design:

Since it was critical to include all of the existing core functionality of the current version, I made sure to have a compelete understanding of that before continuing. After working with the apps team on the project blueprint I created a 30 page wireframe document and came up with all of the icon designs.



I used those initial designs to build a high-fidelity prototype with Adobe Xd. Creating a prototype of a live-editor application was both challenging and fulfilling, and I not only created the core app but also various tasks for users to accomplish.

Test Report

Usability Studies:

I took that prototype and recorded potential users running through a series of tasks to see what was working and what could be improved on. I followed that up with a questionarre and a brief interview process. I used my findings from those usability studies to create a detailed test report included positive takeaways, potential issues, possible solutions for those issues, and various metrics tracking.

I then updated my designs based on the findings of my studies, and passed those off to the development team.